Wooden accessories are hand made from natural woods. Any wooden accessory is bound to be the perfect addition to your home, regardless of which room it's being placed in. Creating a subtle charm of old world craftsmanship, these items are bound to be a hit among guests to your lovely home.

Below you'll find typical household accessories, like wooden bowls & spoons. These are crafted in a traditional Japanese style. There is a full assortment of bamboo crafted spoons, alongside traditional serving bowls, ideal for single servings. There are larger bowls available as well, which is more suited to holding larger amounts. These bigger serving bowls are perfect fruit bowls as well. These look ideal in primarily wood-based kitchens, where the luxury is all around you and your guests. You can also purchase wooden accessories to add a dash of the wooden luxury where it doesn't already exist.

But kitchen goods aren't the only wooden accessories you'll find below! You'll also find treats, like the Japanese puzzle box. The puzzle box is a popular part of Japanese culture. It doesn't take a genius to figure out how to open the box, but it might take more than one try. These puzzles boxes are a great way to store hidden valuables within your home. They also make a great gift, with something extra special stored inside. This is particularly fun for children and adults who want a bit of a challenge.

If you really love the look of a wooden surface, you'll love the phone cases! Below, you can buy a wooden iPhone 7 case and take the luxury look of wood wherever you go!

There are even oil diffusers and combs perfect for your bathroom/bedroom.

If you love the appearance of wood crafts, you'll absolutely love the wooden accessories available.