Thai Silver is a type of jewelry that is well known throughout Thailand. This is where the type of silver got its name from! It doesn't usually cause allergic reactions, either. It's one of the best materials to make jewelry from because it's beautiful and inexpensive.

Below you'll find a collection of jewelry made from Thai Silver. This ranges from Bohemian styled necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to simple pendants, ideal for making your own necklace. When it comes to making the right impression, your own jewelry is an amazing option. Even if you're simply adding pendants to a charm bracelet, you're putting together something that is unique to you. Charm bracelets, much like pendants, are comprised of the things that matter most to you. You can't get a better piece of jewelry than something that represents your soul. Please note: We don't sell charm bracelets, but you're welcome to get creative with our pendants! Or, you can buy one of the chains and add the pendants you'd like to it.

If you're not interested in making your own jewelry, there are many already made pieces that are bound to capture your eye as well. For lovers of the Bohemian look, there is an assortment of rings, including sets. Sets feature rings for various positions on your fingers. These sets come in different styles/colors, including the traditional turquoise stone look. These are ideal for creating the ultimate look. Pair these rings with a beautiful set of earrings or grab yourself a Bohemian neck piece. Work within your own style to create something unique.

There are a few pieces designed for men as well, so don't be discouraged! You can grab a silver chain necklace or even an ethnic bracelet.