Mandalas are known as geometric figures. They are often symmetrical and colorful. In the Hinduism and Buddhism, these are important symbols. Mandalas represent a feeling of completeness, also know as a self-unity. They are a representation of everything that happens in your life. From the past to the present and even the future. A mandala can be seen as a map of your sub-conscious, which is why the symbols commonly appear when your consciousness is in a dream-like state.

The reason people choose to look at mandalas is the calming effect they have on the brain. You'll know this effect if you've ever looked through a book of mandalas. Or if you've bought one of the very popular coloring books that feature blank mandalas. It's simply stress-relieving to stare into these patterns. Your mind just images everything running into smooth lines and completely interchanging with everything else. As a general rule, human beings are very stressed creatures. We all worry too much and this is exactly what the practice of Yoga helps to teach us to control. Mandalas fit into this practice by being visual representations of letting go of those stresses.

Below, you'll see a good example of that feeling. These Mandala Yoga Mats are designed to help free your mind. You'll feel the stresses escaping you. You'll feel the challenges you're facing are starting to work out inside of your head. That's simply the effect of mandalas. For Yoga, they are the ideal companion. Of course, you could decide to buy any of these beautiful Mandala Yoga Mats simply to use as a rug in the living room or hang as a tapestry on your wall. That would be entirely up to you. They are all so beautifully colored and the designs are so intricate. They would be beautiful to stare at, regardless of where you're using them.