Mandalas are meant to inspire each individual to feel a completeness. A sense of unity within themselves and the world around them. Symmetrical lines and bold colors help to draw the negative energy right out of you and leave it lost within the intricate patterns. Mandalas are often used for stress relief, which is why it's common to see mandala coloring books. There is just something about the patterns that tend to calm people down and help them get a better hold on themselves. Something that should exist in every home.

Below you'll see a collection of mandala pillow cases and cushion covers. Ideally, they make a perfect addition to any home, especially in common areas. The living room will look much more inviting with any of these covers. Your bedroom can become a place of sanctuary, simply by throwing one of these cases over your pillow. Opt for one of the darker colors, so the brights don't keep your brain in hyper focus mode while you're trying to sleep!

These brightly decorated pieces will make the perfect addition to your home. They bring with them a sense of whimsy and a feeling of complete calmness. Resting your head on one of these mandala pillows will help you to ease the stresses of the day. You'll leave today behind and look towards a brighter tomorrow.

The colors vary, so there's something that will match your overall theme. There are neutral colored patterns, which would fit into any bohemian home. There are brighter colored patterns, which would fit into any modern home. There are more calming colors, like a purple & blue mix, which are bound to ease any stresses on their own. Or if you want a little bit of everything, opt for one of the multicolored patterns to bring a bold and bright look to your household.