Mandalas are a beautiful geometric pattern, synonymous with self-awareness and self-unity. These designs are popular in the Hindu religion, as well as Buddhism. These two religions demonstrate a focus on being calm and level-headed. To do this, one must become completely centered. This is why mandalas are designed the way they are. They demonstrate a clear center, with all the chaos of life surrounding it. That same center can be traced through the intricate lines of our lives. They are really a perfect image for how everything works.

Mandalas are often brightly colored because these bright patterns appeal to the human eye. They demonstrate a level of stress-relief, simply based on the design and the imagery.

Below is an assortment of Mandala inspired phone cases. These cases range, from wooden cases to acrylic and even leather cases. Depending on what you're looking for, you'll find an appealing texture as well as design. Many of the mandalas below are brightly colored, while some demonstrate a gray scale color scheme instead. Some are completely covered in mandala patterns, while others clearly show a full mandala. There's no real purpose to that, aside from giving everyone a selection that suits their own needs. Some people prefer to see the center of the mandala, as a reminder to only focus on the center self. Others prefer to see the whole picture to remind them there is more out there. You'll pick whichever phone case speaks to you the most. That's how mandalas work.

Now the best part about a mandala phone case is bringing that sense of calmness wherever you go. It's awesome to buy mandala rugs and pillows, but a phone case is ideal. This way, you always have a reminder that everything is connected and everything happens for a reason. You just have to stay calm.