While the Bohemian lifestyle is meant to convey a care free attitude, it's still important to be able to tell time. After all, no one wants to be the White Rabbit running away yelling "I'm late". Whether it's for work, out to see friends/family or for something else entirely, time is always of the essence. Of course, your Bohemian attitude saves you worrying about the time, but it's still useful to know.  They do say knowledge is power.

Below you'll find a collection of Boho inspired watches. These include brightly colored bands, mandala faces, and even bracelet watches.

There are basic faces to many of the watches, include an intricately designed elephant, a dream catcher and a map of the world. These are simplistic designs, aimed to help inspire feelings of creativity and free your mind of potential risks. The map of the world is perfect if you want to consider the possibilities of the world around you. A dream catcher watch is a perfect accessory when you're trying to keep yourself from having bad dreams. This is especially true if those dreams are coming to you while you're awake in the form of negative thinking. The elephant is perfect for reminding yourself of your patterns and routines since elephants are well-known for their routines.

On top of the designs, you have options for the type of band you're looking for. You can have a simplistic embroidered band, with one or more colors. You can opt for a basic watch band with a leather strap. Or opt for something more colorful, like the Pineapple Print wrist watch. This one is bound to be the talk of the town with its Pineapple face and colorful beaded bracelet.

Our gorgeous watches are inspired by hippie and bohemian style. Featuring vintage style cases, stacking leather straps with beads and charms, bamboo wood and ethnic prints.

Treat yourself to one of these quirky, feminine hippie watches with a bohemian vibe. Whether you're at the festival or chilling on the sofa, this hippie watch will add a whimsical boho feel to your outfit.

The Gisselle Morales Watch collection is full of quirky hippy watches with a unique boho feel. Each of our watches has its own unique look with different strap styles, patterns and prints.

And if you happen to be a festival lover, you know this is the time to show off your coolest outfits paired of course with the coolest summer accessory, a stunning boho watch! Browse the most festival-fashionable watches for the festival season. Are you ready to party?

Whichever watch you decide on will surely suit your personality and adequately convey your lifestyle to the people you encounter.