Candles are a great way to set any mood. Whether it's the low lighting, the flickering colors or even just the warm glow. Candles are also helpful when there is any sort of power outage, in areas without power, or when you're heading out camping. The problem with candles is even looking away for a second can cause an awful aftermath. As beautiful as they are, they are impractical with children, pets and unpredictable weather.

Flameless Candles are the ideal way to get the same effect, without the same worrying about the potential risks of a fire outbreak. These candles are operated by batteries, which can simply be changed when the light starts to go down. There are no real flames, so there is no risk of a fire. Inside of these flameless candles is a small light, which provides the illusion of a real candle. These lights are designed to flicker the same way a wax candle would, creating a complete illusion of a tea light candle.

Below you'll see these candles in different colors, even different styles. The Electric Drop candle provides the visual of melting wax. The LED Flameless Candles are standing candles, meant to look like the traditional candelabra candles. These tall candles provide a bit more light than the smaller tea lights, along with providing a vintage feeling.

Any of the flameless candles would make an ideal accent to your home or even camp. These candles can be set up around your bed to create a relaxing glow at bed time. Unlike real candles, they can even be left on overnight. They are practical, functional, and adorable. There is no down side to these candles. Well, they don't provide any warmth, but as long as you're indoors that won't matter. It might be a disappointment when you're camping though!