Shop our wide range of unique rings (are all equally bohemian) featuring boho and hippie designs, rhinestones, dream catchers, charms and engraved bands. These are *the* perfect set of boho rings for every day or festival wear. We think they look equally hippie chic stacked or worn side by side.

A rule of a thumb (no pun intended) is that less is more, but there's no wrong way to stack hippie rings, so don't be afraid to experiment! One ring on one finger might be all you need. Consider wearing larger stacks on fewer fingers, or wearing smaller stacks on more fingers. You can also wear one midi ring and stack rings on another finger or just wear a thumb ring on one hand - our rings can be worn as knuckle rings as well. It's up to you, to wear only one, or wear them all!

Mixing metals and stones will add personality and make your stack different from anyone else’s. Try to combine the colors in different ways: contrasting colors stacked side by side will show off your fierce fashion flair, whilst opting for more subtle shades will create a more sophisticated look. The same goes for mixing metals and gemstones, a combination of white, yellow and rose with different gemstones might be exactly what you need to complement your free-spirited boho outfit. Remember to have fun with your creations and share them with us on Social Media!