The Bohemian lifestyle is one that speaks of a certain carelessness. Bohemian spirits are free, looking to the world for the next possibility and letting go of any of the stresses that would hold someone else back. This lifestyle is one that speaks of a unity. Between each individual, themselves, the people around them and even nature itself. Bohemian style speaks of the same freedoms.

Boho jewelry, like what you'll find below, is meant to convey that attitude. You'll find intricate patterns and bold designs that speak of freedom. Although chunky and often heavy in weight, these pieces counter the weightlessness of the Bohemian lifestyle.

You'll find silver and gold boho jewelry. You'll find simple geometric patterns or more intricate designs. Along with the plain colored jewelry, you'll find brighter pieces that are bound to stand out. These include the traditional Bohemian colors of neutral tones, like orange, brown and green. You'll also be able to find jewelry that breaks the Boho color patterns, like the bright green, blue and pink designs.

The Boho fashion style is one that is largely left to interpretation. Much like being a "punk", it's more a state of mind than it is a fashion style. While there are some looks that are token "Bohemian", there's always room to add your own touch to the style.

Below, you'll find the accents you need to make that personal touch. You'll be able to choose from a variety of necklaces and earrings. There are even accessories for men, including the traditional counting beads used in Buddhism and Hinduism. These beads come in a multitude of colors, with a center tassel for decoration. These necklaces are designed to draw attention to the center, partly as a reminder to stay centered on the inside. This is something everyone should have to help keep them calm when the world gets too crazy.